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VV Franklin: 21 Days

7 January 2022 - 15 February 2022



After a long-overdue trip between France and Hong Kong, co-founder of Boogie Woogie Photography and French photographer VV Franklin presents an intimate yet provocative series at f22 foto space titled 21 days, documenting her hotel quarantine experience while exploring the themes of self-identity, body, movement and emotion.

During the 21 days of confinement, loneliness and temporary loss of mobility, Vanessa uses self-portrait as a language of an inward dialogue. Through interactions with her own emotions and the objects in her room, her works offer reflection, revelation and reassurance, challenging viewers with nudity whilst elegantly expressing her own voice, emotion and aesthetics.

For preview reservation, please contact info@bewephoto.com

In response to the personal yet collective memory of a quarantine journey, Vanessa invites both professional and amateur photographers to submit images taken during their quarantine in Hong Kong and win a chance to have their works displayed on f22 foto space and Boogie Woogie Photography’s online channels, together with a private workshop with Michael Kistler and other prizes.
For more details, please visit https://f22fotos.com/en/exhibitions/21-days-vv-franklin.

21 days exhibition contains nudity images and is restricted to visitors aged 18 and above.

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