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Aruta Soup: Mad Tea Party

6 January 2022 - 6 March 2022



Lucie Chang Fine Arts is pleased to present “MAD TEA PARTY”, a solo exhibition of Japanese artist Aruta Soup.

March Hare is mad trickster rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. Him and MadHatter and SleepyMouse invite her to a mad tea party where they play riddles with no answers.

From Aruta Soup’s point of view, modern society is built on the absurdity of being ruled by a few powerful people, and that the information that comes down to the public is constantly being altered to suit them, so that even if you scour the depths of the dark web for information, you will never reach the truth in your own lifetime. In this case, he could cross see Alice being invited to a mad tea party and being at the mercy of people who are being violated by this fabricated information every day.

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