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The Upcycling Urban Art Fair

2 October 2021 - 3 October 2021


Street culture has never been more inspiring! OnTheList invited the urban artist THE FRENCH GIRL to curate the exhibition and invite HK-based artists turning URBAN WASTES INTO ART. The exhibition will raise visitors awareness on opportunities to upcycle urban wastes and stimulate creativity. LET’S MAKE WASTES COOL!
Part of the proceeds will be donated to IMPACT HK, a non-profit that provides the homeless in Hong Kong with food, shelter, education and employment opportunities.

The urban artist THE FRENCH GIRL originally started bombing on concrete tiles or metal pieces found in the street and saved from landfill, turning them into pieces of art. ”By upcycling urban wastes, we are inviting visitors to pay attention to their own wastes, look at them as valuable and stimulate creativity. As a big fan of street culture myself, I also like the idea of inviting elements from the street, into our homes”, says THE FRENCH GIRL.

Szabotage, Gohung, Jibeone, Little Muki, Antonia Villet, Leon Lollipop, Bqrb, The French Girl, young or iconic yet all talented and HK-street lovers, street artists, illustrators, leather artists will gather and put all their creativity at the service of this noble cause.

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