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William Tang vintage scarf, King of Kowloon

Fearless Love

11 December 2021 - 28 February 2022



To celebrate this season of love and giving, Oi Ling Antiques has invited 6 artists from different backgrounds to join together for a special exhibition entitled FEARLESS LOVE.

These six local artists are:

• William Tang – a celebrity fashion designer
• Yeo Tin Ming – a Chinese geomancer
• Monica Cheung Mok – a mother with an autistic child,
• Sindy Yao – a multi-media artist
• Sophia Hotung – a Hong Kong, Eurasian illustrator and writer。
• Polly Tang – a dedicated artist

Each of the artists has used his and her own unique talent and artistic language to express the meaning of FEARLESS LOVE.

The intent of this exhibition is twofold. The first is to open new windows for viewers to look at art and artists from different angles and perspectives. The second is to highlight the unique flavours of a local artistic language – it is a vibrant language fused with lots of different cultures and traditions that has evolved over time in Hong Kong.

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