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Gérard Henry, 'Newspaper stand', Tai Hang, Wun Sha Street, 2016, Courtesy of Latitude 22N
Gérard Henry, View from St. Paul’s hospital, Causeway Bay, 2012 - Courtesy of Latitude 22N

Hong Kong : Between Mountains and Sea

9 May - 23 May


Parenthèses and Latitude 22N are pleased to present Hong Kong: Between Mountains and Sea, a solo exhibition of drawings paired with written works by French artist Gérard Henry. This presentation is timed to coincide with the launch of Henry’s second book Hong Kong : Entre Montagnes et Mer, published by TANDE&M Editions for the account of Continental Books Limited.

A black ink pen and paper always at hand, Gérard Henry explores, observes, and captures the essence of Hong Kong in his intricate, delicate, and highly detailed drawings as well as his writings. Through his compositions he offers us his vision of the city – one that is both poetic and warm.

Gérard Henry is a writer and an art critic who also practices drawing and sketching. What started as a form of meditation quickly became a daily ritual in his life – an avid stroller and a quiet spectator, he puts down on paper illustrated and written reflexions, musings, and contemplations.

In his work he chronicles back alleys, old architecture, houses, flora, fauna, and scenes captured on the fringes of the city he has called home since 1981. He also draws portraits where he reveals the personality of his friends through their home or studio as well as the paraphernalia they surround themselves with – he feels that where a person lives is a projection of their inner self.

Drawing and writing are for him two complementary ways of archiving the city. Most of Henry’s sketches are reflections on Hong Kong’s intangible spirit, its festivals, and its traditions. Drawing Hong Kong is also a way of traveling through the city. He never works after photos; instead, he always draws what he sees and feels on the spot.

Hong Kong: Between Mountains and Sea is an exhibition of a curated selection of Henry’s drawings coupled with excerpts from his new book. Presented like a visual diary, they reflect his involvement in the art scene and strong connection to the city – a real testament to his deep affection for Hong Kong. As viewers we get to embark on an intimate journey of Hong Kong seen through Henry’s eyes and fall in love, repeatedly, with this beautiful city.

Books and prints by the artist will be available for purchase throughout the exhibition.

Part of the French May Arts Festival 2024

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