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Zoe: The Kids are Alright

28 April 2022 - 25 May 2022



Contemporary Tokyo presents ‘The Kids Are Alright’ by Japanese artist ZOE, who makes his debut solo exhibition in Hong Kong at BELOWGROUND.

Featuring over 10 different artworks, the exhibition showcases the vibrant, colorful, and playful style of ZOE, depicting his unique perspective on seemingly ‘meaningful things’ in life.

With bold motifs and imaginary characters in bright colorways, ZOE puts his creative spin on mundane objects around us: “Meaningless things have always been despised by useful things. Just like how unconventional objects are always being covered, they are forced to have nowhere to escape and hide in a corner. Similar scenarios are repeated daily, however, meaningless things are not always obedient. In my paintings, these meaningless things are full of life, and they are revolutionary.”


Zoe has outstanding achievements in literature, he has published novels in Japan and France in the past. However, he does not wish to reveal his identity as a writer, hereby he paints under the pseudonym Zoe. The inspiration behind this series of work comes from the imaginary fantasy world of peace and love. The protagonist Chabi with a single eye appears in the most prominent position. Every time he appears, he is trapped and surrounded by chaotic objects and ugly monsters. However, Chabi always manages to breakthrough from the world of darkness, he is full of hope and always look on the bright side. Through his works, Zoe wants to depict hope, despite how cruel the illusory and real world is, there is always full of love.

The artist paints similar to the style of street graffiti, his paintings are full of bold colours, detailed composition and they always tell a story. When looking at each of the works, it’s almost like opening a colourful page of a storybook. They are full of wonderful details, which brings us to Zoe’s fantasy world that both inspires and resonates with the viewers inadvertently.


28 April 2022
25 May 2022
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