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The Legend of Lanling

12 April - 14 April

$180 – $380


A brave soul unveiled

Lanling, in ancient tale, mighty in skill yet with fragile visage,
In every encounter, a mask adorns courage to the battlefield.

In guise, borrowing divinity from the mask, swift and valiant,
Traversing the battlefield, donned in hues of war and command.

In dance amidst the fray, a query lingers,
Who is the true sovereign, the genuine self-elusive.

In descending twilight’s embrace, flags and drums at rest,
Half a lifetime devoted to martial pursuits, success, unaccomplished till the last.

In Lanling’s martial array, a dance mirroring the heart,
Reality, unmasked, reveals its genuine grace.

Masks may be shed, but the true self remains concealed. Twenty dancers, trained in martial arts, Nangun, and drumming, transcend convention and seamlessly merge dance with martial arts.

Existence is a battlefield where life is perceived as a dance, focused, serene, fearless, and unburdened by regret, akin to stepping into the fray.

12-13.4.2024 (FRI – SAT) 7:45pm
13^-14.4.2024 (SAT – SUN) 3:00pm

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