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23 November 2021 - 28 February 2022



Being the world’s first “Experium” — a synthesis of experience and museum — we seek to deliver the experience of your frontier into the future. TELEPORT is a collaboration of global innovators and creatives intersecting art, science, and technology. We beckon you to step into a portal created for the first time in history.

We extend an invitation for you to embark through time. Your journey begins with picking an element – Fire, Earth, Air, Water – to represent your digital identity within an augmented reality.
Our cyber-facilitators will ensure a smooth transition between the digital media experiences as you pass through our 5000 sq. ft circuit. This multi-sensory journey is here to pilot you through a parallel visual reality of light and sound. It is interactive, cinematic, and immersive.

Our promise to all is that our doors are open for community building and conversation. To build a future in the vision of infinite potential, beginning within the walls of TELEPORT.

”CYBERCITY” is a 10-minute fractal film created by award-winning Amsterdam- based digital artist Julius Horsthuis. The film imagines an otherworldly future with strong touches of the Hong Kong cityscape, and is further enhanced by American film composer David Levy’s intriguing score.

“PRESENSE” is a 360° audiovisual installation created by globally renowned media art collective Media Tribe, based in St. Petersburg.

TELEPORT is a parallel universe of mind-bending installations and tech-driven visual compositions. The team is formed by a global collective of professionals, united in purpose during a tremendous, unprecedented epidemic, that seek to bring TELEPORT’s vision to the world, at a time when we most need to believe in our very real future.

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