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Taylor Lee and Peter Chan: Toy Show

28 January 2022 - 12 March 2022



Over the Influence is thrilled to present Toy Show, an exhibition featuring artists Taylor Lee and Peter Chan at the gallery’s Hong Kong space. Inspired by the toys and comics of Peter’s childhood, the husband-wife duo present individual bodies of work that speak in conversation with one another, creating an exhibition that is witty and playful. Toy Show allows viewers to escape into the same fantasy world we did as children, with the humour and satire that adulthood necessitates.

For Taylor Lee, this series presents a new direction for both her creative process and content. In the past year Lee has begun to explore using a rare glazing technique called Raku. This technique calls for the ceramic pieces to be removed from the kiln while still glowing red from the fir and placed in a flammable material, such as newspaper, that then catches fire itself. This process creates pieces that are entirely unique, as the firing process can never be repeated exactly the same. Raku produces a myriad of lustrous, dramatic colors and textures, which can be seen throughout Lee’s pieces in the exhibition.

Lee has also used the past year to expand her point of focus. While previously focusing on earthenware empowering female forms, she is now exploring figures such as Godzilla and Ultraman on a miniature scale. Inspired by her husband’s experiences and love for the figurines of his youth, Lee takes these notable villains and removes the fear factor. She presents these miniature monsters with seemingly friendly personas. Godzilla, so called “King of the Monsters” can be seen joyfully riding a bike, while a small army of Raku glazed Godzilla and Ultraman seem to smile up at viewers.

Peter Chan’s practice uses color, shapes, and light to explore nostalgia and turn mundane day experiences into moments worth preserving. Chan’s background in plein air painting, an art movement in which artists paint scenes directly from nature, is evident in these series despite the fictional scenes depicted. Chan’s use of light and lightly abstracted aesthetic is clearly influenced by the Impressionists of the 19th century who pioneered the plein air movement. However, he veers away from the impressionist pallet, instead employing bright colors to continue to diminish the intimidation factor of the depicted characters.

Chan’s paintings in this series work in conjunction with Lee’s ceramics- so much so that one can even see pieces of ceramic dust embedded within the paint. This intentional choice continues to show how intertwined these series are with each other. His pieces feature 2D versions of Lee’s 3D figures. Similar to his wife, Peter re-contextualizes these looming figures in charming and clever scenes and placing them within the world of the modern viewer.

Toy Show invites viewers into a familiar space, allowing us to reconnect with the joy of childhood as adults in a new way.


Taylor Lee (b. 1981) is a ceramicist living and working in Los Angeles. Lee’s ceramic sculptures are optimistic and impactful. Her combination of bright colors with stoneware creates whimsical yet iconic forms, discussing subjects such as womanhood, genealogy, and how the ancient impacts our modern life.

Peter Chan (b. 1980) works professionally in feature animation on films such as Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse, The Michells vs. The Machines, and How to Train Your Dragon 2. Born in Taiwan, the artist moved to Hong Kong at a very young age and went on to receive his BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design.


28 January 2022
12 March 2022
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