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Budka Ewa, After a decade in “a Me” I trust, 2021
Ewelina Skowrońska, Dancers

Skin in the game

11 November 2021 - 16 December 2021



Arta, in partnership with Gallery HZ, is thrilled to present the group exhibition – ‘skin in the game’, featuring mixed-media paintings by Ewa Budka, Javier Martin & Ewelina Skowrońska, and photography works by Chong-Il Woo. Profoundly inspired by human nature – sexuality, emotions and desires the “skin in the game” exhibition metaphorically and literally presents the complexity of womanhood in today’s ambiguous world.

The artists adopted different mediums and styles to inquire into the role of women in a cross-cultural contemporary society.
Through their artistic creations, viewers have opportunities to explore the ideas of female outer and inner beauty, how women are shown in today’s world of social media and advertising, as well in daily life, and finally what women need to give to be considered “beautiful”.

We are also honored to have the Consulate General of Poland in Hong Kong as an official patron of this exhibition which additionally co-organizes events and talks about Polish women and their achievement in arts, science, and sport.

Ewa Budka, New York-based, born and raised in Poland, captures her own stories – emotions which, like a tattoo on human skin are visible on her abstract paintings. Budka explores the complexity of having an international career as an artist, art director, model, and recently also as a mom, and all which goes with it, the bad and good times – heartbreaks, frustration, happiness, and love.

Javier Martin has been developing one of his most iconic collections, Blindness. The eyes, classically associated with the reflection of human emotions, are always concealed, whether behind a vibrant stroke of paint or glowing neon light. With painting and collage, he reproduces images of seemingly perfect models, symbols of a standard of beauty and lifestyle that most people long to enjoy. Inspired by the juxtaposition between the grit of city surroundings and the glossy ads that line them, Martin deconstructs this perceived perfection to create a contrast between technology, collage, and painting.

Ewelina Skowrońska’s interests include concepts of body, identities, gender, and psychology of human relations. Ewelina seeks inspiration for her artistic practice in everyday experiences, mythology, poetry, speculative narratives, and intangible connections of the world.

Chong-Il Woo in “Women of the Joseon Dynasty” is an example of Woo’s reinterpretation of Korea’s modern history, which he achieves by re-photographing historically well-known women. Woo captures time by comparing women of the Joseon dynasty that date back to the 19th century with modern women. The artwork also challenges its own identity because the photograph is textured with individually shot pebbles and gemstones.


The show is co-curated by Natalia Mota, founder of Arta, and Fiona Ho co-founder of AIDE Consultancy and Director of Gallery HZ. The two join together to celebrate fresh, full-of-energy art that talks about femininity and all the emotions, desires, and inspiration of today's woman.


11 November 2021
16 December 2021
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Gallery HZ

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