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One to Ten – PolyU Design Outstanding Alumni Exhibition

11 March - 31 May



To celebrate its 60th anniversary and the remarkable achievements of its alumni, the School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University will host the “One to Ten — PolyU Design Outstanding Alumni Exhibition” from 11 March to 31 May this year. The exhibition will take place at the Podium, Jockey Club Innovation Tower on the PolyU campus, offering a unique platform for the public to explore the diversity and evolution of design knowledge and to showcase the achievements and contributions of the ten outstanding alumni in the field of design. Moreover, the exhibition will present the works of these ten outstanding alumni through ten different forms and modes of transmission, providing viewers with an immersive experience of their creative displays in the realm of design.

One to Ten — PolyU Design Outstanding Alumni Exhibition

The theme of “One to Ten” represents the different stages of the ten outstanding alumni. “One” signifies the beginning of their journey as students, “To” symbolizes their professional growth after graduation leading up to their mastery, and “Ten” represents their aspirations for the future. The School of Design aims to showcase the creative endeavors of these alumni in the field of design through this exhibition while inspiring students and the public alike to foster the continuity and transmission of design.

The exhibition is divided into two parts. The main part focuses on the remarkable works of the ten outstanding alumni, presented under ten different themes representing various fields of design, including lighting design, product design, industrial design, architectural design, communication design, design management, automotive design, Chinese cultural design, and brand identity design, etc. The exhibition incorporates both physical displays and digital media, including text, images, and sound, to delve into the design concepts and processes of the ten alumni. It aims to create an immersive environment that allows the viewers to experience the alumni’s pursuit of aesthetics and professional skills, provoking sensory impact and inspiration. The other part of the exhibition is the Mentorship Programme, showcasing collaborative creations between five alumni and students.

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