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Lumination of the Forgotten

18 May - 2 June


Lumination of the Forgotten depicts the 1990s as a fast-as-lightning centrifuge where lives collided in a tumultuous whirl — some sinking to the bottom, others staying afloat. A few clever insects clamber slowly along the ridge of time, trembling but courageous, gentle yet resilient, instilled with an honesty long forgotten.

Theatre du Pif Co-Artistic Director Bonni Chan joins hands with HKRep Artistic Director Poon Wai Sum in remaking five Hong Kong Drama Award-winning plays comprising the Insect Series: The Cockroach that Flies like a Helicopter (Best Play)Cricket in My Life (Best Play, Top Ten Popular Productions)Spider in Meditation (Best Play, Top Ten Popular Productions)The Rising Ants (Top Ten Popular Productions) and To Kill or To Be Killed (Top Ten Popular Productions). They deconstruct and assemble the texts anew, remoulding these small yet vibrant “insects”, casting them as metaphors tracing the experience Hong Kong has weathered. After the reeling dies down, a “white lake” appears: she is tranquil and quiet, as distant as the past yet embedding eternity into our present.

18, 22-25, 29-31.5.2024 7:45pm
19#, 25#-26.5.2024




# with post-performance talk

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