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Cyril Kongo, Love is the Solution, 2017

Love & Reborn

7 March 2022 - 7 May 2022



To welcome Easter, Amanda Wei Gallery is delighted to present the first pop art group exhibition “Love & Reborn” on March 7th.

Pop Art stands out in different eras by its unique cultural sign and innovative forms of expression. Originated in the UK and the US back in the 1950s, pop art emerges and develops in many other places all around the world. After over half a century, it became a cultural phenomenon that brings a trend among insightful collectors and large group of young people.

“Love & Reborn” talks from the street culture to universal value of museum collections, exploring between two mediums, painting and sculpture. The selected 10 artists are from different countries and cultural background, however, their artworks are subtly and harmoniously reflecting on each other despite of distinct styles. Jumping out of the traditions, applying active and passionate colours and brushstrokes, we hope to use pop art to relax the nerves and add colors the greyness of hearts. Through the world of the artists, viewers could feel the love and passion again, gain the hope of having a rebirth, bravely embrace the future full of uncertainties and challenges.

Shen Jingdong uses the little prince and the fox as metaphors of learning to love; Qiu Shengxian is obsessed with the sign of mother and son, and expressing his affection towards his wife; YAZ picked up his childhood enthusiasm of street culture; Vianne Savoli prefers to dramatically showing her belief and dream of living as a liberal female; Cyril Kongo even directly mentions in his work that Love is the Solution, together with the other artists including Scotie Ad, Belin, Xavier Magaldi, Cali, and Ceet Fouad.

Amanda Wei Gallery will bring this abundant pop art group exhibition in our Central space “Wyndham Boutique”.

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7 March 2022
7 May 2022
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