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Kintsugi, The Beauty of Brokenness, Touch Ceramics

Kintsugi: The Beauty of Brokenness

6 February - 9 March



In the past decade, the art of kintsugi has been increasingly embraced worldwide, forming a remarkable art movement. It has had significant developments in both the realm of craftsmanship and artistry, and has also sparked considerable resonance on a philosophical level. The spirit of “repair” has evolved and incorporates concepts such as wabi-sabi aesthetics and the artisan’s spirit, leading to reflections on how to accept imperfections and bringing forth the power of solace and healing.

In Hong Kong, the development of kintsugi has also been thriving, attracting numerous supporters to participate in this profound art tradition. An increasing number of “kintsugi enthusiasts” are traveling to Japan to learn the centuries-old techniques of kintsugi and spreading this art form locally.

In addition to showcasing antique kintsugi pieces from the collection of Hong Kong kintsugi artist Enders Wong, the exhibition will also feature works by six contemporary kintsugi artists from Japan and Taiwan: Mio Heki, Tomomi Kamoshita, Yuma Takahashi, Chen Ming Zong, Chen Kao Teng, and Chang Xi Yuen. Through these artworks, the aim is to tell the stories behind kintsugi creations, share the philosophical ideas symbolized in kintsugi, and guide the audience in exploring the depth of kintsugi art.

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