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Wusoul: Life in Nordic

29 June - 4 August



The deer family eat apples in the backyard, write a fantasy poem with seagulls, and enjoy the right to collect mushrooms and fruits everywhere…During his stay in Nordic, the illustrator Wusoul learned and observed how the local people lived in harmony with nature and were in awe, and gained inspiration from their life wisdom. Walking in the forests of Nordic, feeling the connection and power with nature, realize how small we are in the world.


In 2013, he started the illustration brand Wusoul, hoping to slow down and walk slowly with people through illustrations. In addition to being active in handcraft markets, he has also cooperated with market organizers, schools, social and youth organizations, art company, publications, etc. In 2023-24, he also held three solo illustration exhibitions of "A Look at Inner Soul" and "Wish You Can Hear".

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