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Both Sides Now 9: Generations

20 March - 10 April



Humanity stands at the brink of a new era of automation, poised for a profound transformation. The latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) are set to revolutionise our way of life. This program delves into the subject using video artwork from Hong Kong, the UK and internationally, delving into the intricate interplay between generative technology and creativity.

Both Sides Now presents contemporary and historical film and video work from the UK, Hong Kong and China, curated by Isaac Leung of Videotage and Jamie Wyld of videoclub. The films explore developments within the culture and society of Hong Kong and China over the past three decades, including work which reflects on the ongoing dynamics of cultures in Hong Kong, China, and the UK. The programme contains work by some of Hong Kong and China’s most exciting artists working in film and video, and varies between animation, documentary and artists’ moving images.

Axl Le, The Journey, 2020.

Doreen Chan, HalfDream, 2021.

Jake Elwes, Zizi & Me – Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better), 2020.

Jonas Lund, The Future of Something, 2023.

Kachi Chan, Reconstructed, 2022.

Lau Wai, The Dome, 2023.

Paul Trillo, Jacques – “Absolve”, 2023.

Curators: Isaac Leung, Jamie Wyld


Videotage is a leading non-profit organization in Hong Kong focusing on the presentation, promotion, production and preservation of video and media art, serving artists in the expanding technological art and culture network. Since 1986, Videotage has developed itself from an umbrella for media artists, to a network of media art and culture for cross-disciplinary cultural productions, and platform to facilitate international exchange. Dedicated to nurturing emerging media artists and developing the local media arts community, Videotage has organized numerous media arts events and programs while developing an extensive offline and online video art archive (VMAC).

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