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Arol Art Show: Scrambled and Stigmatized

5 May 2022 - 22 May 2022



Welcome to the Arol Art Show! “Scrambled and Stigmatized” is a walk through the artist’s most intimate corners, an emotional roller coaster that reminds us that we are alive, that we are wonderful sentient beings.

A journey that in each station in front of these characters, they could function perfectly as mirrors if when observing them we enjoy it from an innocent gaze that does not judge and only feels without further ado, walking through the deepest labyrinths of our Being.

Contemporary artist from Spain – Ariel Alberto Ferrante, known by the art world as “Arol”. His work is surreal, unconstrained by any reality. In the past year, under the raging epidemic, even Arol could not bring his works to international exhibitions personally, but his works have traveled to the United States, Switzerland, Taiwan and other places. Arol’s works were even shortlisted at Taipei New Art Fair – NFT World Masters ,and China, there is no doubt about his artistic attainments.

This is the third time Arol has cooperated with 13A NEW STREET ART GALLERY to hold an exhibition. At last year’s Affordable Art Fair, many art collectors admired Arol’s works and couldn’t help but praise his delicate brushwork and delicate details. The style of the work has a strong classical and elegant atmosphere, and the bright contrast of colors greatly enhances the gorgeousness of the work. A feeling conveyed by the whole picture is the gentle and solid European oil painting aesthetics, which is indeed very fascinating. Now that the epidemic has eased, let us also release the urge to play that has been suppressed for a long time in our hearts, and come to a unique carnival, so that the excitement and playfulness will fill this early summer.

Behind the noisy atmosphere, Arol did not specifically define his work, but rather hoped that the audience could understand the hidden meaning of the work from their own perspective. Because Arol believes that everyone interprets his works differently, just like one of the protagonists in his works this time, some people will think it is a pink balloon, some people will think it is a lollipop, but the truth is There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Arol’s expectation is to make the visitors as involved in the exhibition as possible, and to connect with the works with their own unique stories.

We developed AR for the first time in this exhibition, and this AR character “SixSixSix” will also appear in front of everyone as a virtual artwork NFT. The character combines many pleasing elements. It is like a pink balloon and a sweet lollipop. If you pay attention to it, you may find a little familiar feeling. It is exactly the toy of our babyhood, and it has been sealed in the heart. The long childhood innocence came out again.

This time, we have prepared a total of six NFTs and one limited edition “Six Six Six” Art Prints that are combined with the notio premium art paper brand. Each style is also paired with a pink or white background, and the cute palette of girly styles makes people unconsciously embedded in this sweet illusion. The background of the NFT is like a kaleidoscope of moving images, which makes the picture look more lively.

The art industry also has to catch up with the rapid operation of the times and embark on the road of technology. We also have IG Filter debut on Instagram for the first time. Adhering to the 13A NEW STREET ART GALLERY concept of nurturing a new generation, we invited a group of up-and-coming masters who are currently studying in the Department of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to create a Filter, which is based on the theme of this exhibition, the carnival. The presentation of the characters will be cast on the face of the subject like a mask, and it will feel like being invited by Arol to his party. If you like cute and mysterious feelings, then this Filter must not be missed.

Arol IG Filter Link:


Ariel Alberto Ferrante, Arol was born in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He began studying graphic design and after receiving the degree in 1996, he experimented his rst steps in advertising agencies in his city, until founding his own visual communication studio. In 2003, in search of new challenges, he traveled to Spain where he has lived since then enjoying the professional path as a freelancer. Until 2017 when he opened up to the wonderful experience of painting in a traditional way, using mostly oil on wood, exhibiting in various galleries and art festivals at the national and international level. In 2018 he took his first steps in customizing Art Toys, making unique pieces and later the limited edition of a sculpture toy together with PEI, which led him to create his rst epoxy putty sculptures in 2019 and 2020. Pieces that have been exhibited in the international area.


5 May 2022
22 May 2022
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