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Are you BORED or NOT?

22 October 2021 - 9 November 2021



Following the explosion of Non Fungible Tokens (“NFTs”) onto the global art scene, Poly Auction Hong Kong has teamed up with The Authority to curate an exclusive collection of NFT creations by leading NFT artists. They will be debuted through Exhibitions in Hong Kong and an Online Auction hosted on Poly Auction’s mobile app and WeChat mini programme. This is an extraordinary step for Poly Auction Hong Kong and marks a significant milestone in the growth of NFTs in Asia.

Between 22nd October to 9th November, Poly Auction Hong Kong and The Authority will debut the NFT creations of 11 collaborating artists in an exhibition titled Are you BORED or NOT? at Pacific Place. ‘Are you BORED or NOT?’ will feature brand new creations from an ensemble artist lineup including Jonathan Jay Lee, an award-winning illustrator; Jasper Wong, a HYPEBEAST Top 100 Influential Artist; Kongkee, a legendary Hong Kong Comic Book artist and animator; as well as Andrés Rivera, a rising New York NFT artist.

The artists’ NFTs are designed as 2 counterparts: a ‘BORED’ version and a ‘NOT BORED’ version. Both NFTs present the same subject, but are differentiated by being ‘BORED’ or ‘NOT BORED’, a theme that is prevalent in the current NFT metaverse. All NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain. All ‘BORED’ creations will be one and only edition NFTs accompanied by 50 limited edition prints sold onsite at the Exhibition. Buyers of the prints will be placed into a lucky draw to win the 1 of 1 NFT version of their purchased artwork. All ‘NOT BORED’ creations will be exclusive edition NFTs, open for auction from 8th to 12th November in the Poly Auction mobile app and WeChat mini programme.

The 11 artists are:
Jonathan Jay Lee, Jasper Wong, Kongkee, Andrés Rivera, Dave Arcade, Lester Choy, Chi-Kit Kwong, JUM, Gaby Teresa, HOY, Viki Chan

Andrés is a New York native illustrator and Associate Creative Director of Brand New School, one of the world’s most reputed Creative Design and Production studios. Andrés has a natural knack for visual storytelling, conveyed through a fluid blending of 2D, 3D and illustration. As a digital artist who has already successfully transitioned into the NFT world, Andrés views the NFT phenomenon as a cultural movement. He believes NFTs, in particular, ‘Profile Picture NFTs’, builds a new sense of community, signalling their belonging to the NFT world in general.

Andrés’ ‘Profile Picture NFTs’ are titled “Girl Talk” and “Bubble Gum Ranger”. The works carefully blend pop culture references with crypto community nods to tell the story of a hustling NFT native. Andrés explores the central artistic concept currently underlying ‘Profile Picture NFT’s: ‘TRAITS’. In the ‘Profile Picture NFT’ metaverse, every NFT has the same underlying frame, then they are differentiated by the traits, or unique features, bestowed upon individual NFTs.

In “BORED” version Girl Talk, the subject’s traits are monotonous: Her hair tie, digital watch, Hello Kitty hairpin, band-aid, Power Ranger t-shirt and brick phone are relics of over-saturated pop culture. With a disinterested expression, she ponders: “WGMI?”. This is an acronym for “We Gonna Make It?”, a popular expression used by the crypto community pondering the fate of their investments.

In the “NOT BORED” version of Bubble Gum Ranger, the subject and her pose remain unchanged, but her traits are completely transformed. With her eyes wide open, she has now teleported to space wearing a pink space suit and wielding a wand inspired by Sailor Moon. She is no longer asking “WGMI?”, because she has made it. The themes underlying her traits – space, power suits and magic wands – are nods to the rarest traits found in the most sought after NFTs across the NFT metaverse.

Venue: Pacific Place, Shop 100B, Level L1, Pacific Place (Near Dim Sum Library)


Poly Auction Hong Kong, established in 2012 by Poly Culture Group Corp. Ltd., is a young yet remarkable auction house in Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region.

Poly Auction Hong Kong has repeatedly achieved record auction results over the past few years, exhibiting a steady momentum of promising growth. Poly Auction (Hong Kong) comprises six departments: Modern and Contemporary Art, Fine Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy, Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art, Magnificent Jewels and Prestige Watches, and Rare Wine, Whisky and Chinese Tea Department.

The Authority is established in 2021 by Mr Eliott Suen. Eliott comes from a family of art collectors and is currently a member of the Hong Kong Museum Advisory Committee. The Authority is Eliott’s latest venture, an art and culture technology incubation platform with the aim of promoting digital and blockchain art.

The Authority works with artists, locations, crypto community, collectors and brands to deepen public knowledge towards blockchain assets, NFTs, and the future.


22 October 2021
9 November 2021
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