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Angela Glajcar, Scale matters 2020-027
Angela Glajcar, Terforation 2020-001
Angela Glajcar, Paperwall 2019-023

Angela Glajcar: Scale Matters

5 May 2022 - 4 June 2022



Karin Weber Gallery is proud to introduce ‘Scale Matters,’ the first Hong Kong solo presentation of new and selected works by renowned German sculpture artist Angela Glajcar.

Widely recognised for her ‘Terforations’ – a fictitious title coined from Latin ‘Terra’ and ‘perforations’ to suggest exploration of new territories – Glajcar interacts with thick sheets of paper or glass mesh to create her own breakthrough mindscapes.

With a recent focus on site specific monumental work, the artist returns to her favourite medium of paper to explore a new dimension in her work: scale. Glajcar’s latest pieces constitute a mix of larger scale, wall hung pieces, such as Terforation 2020-001 and Terforation 2021-001, to diminutive free-standing works, more suited to a tabletop than a vast museum space, in this show 2020- 027 and 2021-061.

Her recent ‘Paperwall’ series of boxed, wall mounted pieces celebrate alleged waste material from her ‘Terforation’ works, strips of which are bundled and mounted within their own frames to create tactile, curly, flowing celebrations of paper and its unlimited interpretations, such as Paperwall 2019-023.

In all dimensions of her work, Glajcar continues her dialogue with contrasts of light and texture, natural and artificial, public and private, whilst reminding the viewer that power is never a question of size.


Born in Mainz, Germany, in 1970, Angela Glajcar studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, Germany as a master student of British sculpture artist Tim Scott (b. 1937). Initially engaged with wood and steel, Glajcar embraced paper as her medium of choice, fascinated by its complexities and inherent juxtapositions.

Her work has been exhibited around the world, and most recently been included in ‘Lunar Sonata’, a group show celebrating paper at the Jeonbuk Museum of Art, South Korea, as well as ‘Paper Routes – Women to Watch 2020’ at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, USA. Important collections include the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Jacksonville, USA, Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Korea, the state of Rhineland Palatinate, Germany, Museum Wiesbaden, Germany, alongside corporates Nixdorf, USA, Grossetti, Italy and private collections in Europe and the USA.

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