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A Path to Glory – Jin Yong’s Centennial Memorial

16 March - 7 October



2024 marks the centenary of the birth of Jin Yong (Dr Louis Cha), a literary giant in Chinese literature. Throughout his life, Jin Yong created a total of 15 martial arts novels and shaped over 1,400 characters. His works have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide and been translated into 14 different languages. With profound humanistic, social, and artistic values, they not only appeal to the wide audience but have also had a far-reaching impact on the global literary world, meriting a place among classic works of literature in China and even the world.

The events theme is taken from a message Guo Jing delivered to Yang Guo in The Giant Eagle and its Companion — “To serve, is a path to glory. This phrase is a true portrayal of the heroes and heroines in Jin Yongs novels and their relentless pursuit deep inside their hearts.

The event “A Path to Glory – Jin Yong’s Centennial Memorial” will involve cross-media collaborations with local creative talent, showcasing the heroes from Jin Yong’s works. The aim is to create a cultural IP that is exclusive to Hong Kong, actively promoting the long-term and sustainable development of the cultural, artistic, and creative industries. The organisers will collaborate with local, mainland, and overseas travel associations, with the aim of attracting visitors from Mainland China and abroad to Hong Kong and boosting Hong Kong’s tourism and economic development.

Hong Kong is the birthplace of Jin Yong’s “wuxia” novels and a melting pot of Eastern and Western cultures. The organisers will collaborate with various mainland and international institutions and foreign consulates in Hong Kong and offer a wide array of cultural and artistic interactive experiences to promote Jin Yong’s novels and Chinese culture, tell good stories of Hong Kong, and foster cultural and artistic exchanges between China and other countries. Jin Yong’s works have accompanied generations of Hong Kong people throughout their lives. This event is expected to evoke the collective memories of Hong Kong people and encourage the younger generation to learn about Chinese literary classics and carry forward Jin Yong’s chivalrous spirit.

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