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A-Maze-ing Harbourfront

29 March - 3 July


Wan Chai Harbourfront Event Space, a brand-new 13,300 sq. m. event venue offering magnificent views of Victoria Harbour as well as convenient transportation access, is poised to become a major landmark for large-scale events in Hong Kong. The inaugural project – A-Maze-ing Harbourfront – features five themed mazes that provide a unique immersive experience for visitors.

The A-Maze-ing Harbourfront combines elements of creative art, entertainment, instagrammable spots, and fun adventure all into one immersive experience comprising five major mazes: Time Mazing focused on light and shadow, Infinite Mirror Maze – designed with mirror reflections, Lost in the Woods constructed with the use of bamboo elements, Light Box Maze immersing individuals in a series of unique light boxes, and  Air Maze specially designed for highly energetic children. The maze design team consists of various cross-discipline artists and other creative professionals, including Philip Fung, architect; Kan Srisawat, landscape designer; Calix Wong, cross-media creator, and Grace Au, creative cultural project curator.

Time Mazing – Journey through a time tunnel from NOW to the FUTURE

Set in a concrete jungle, the Time Mazing, curated by Hong Kong cross-media creator Calix Wong, is a captivating playground where a guiding light leads visitors to a time-travel tunnel from now into a future of limitless possibilities, exploring new universes and presenting a host of technological advancements.

Infinite Mirror Maze – An endless reflective realm  created with layered mirrors

Architect Philip Fung uses countless mirrors as the main components for this magical maze. Stepping into this zone, one views their own reflection projected in an endless array of mirrors while also admiring the beautiful Hong Kong skyline. It captivates with a mesmerising, constantly changing visual experience.

Lost in the Woods – Inspired by Hong Kong’s unique bamboo scaffolding structures

Bamboo scaffolding structures are truly iconic elements of Hong Kong. Thai landscape designer Kan Srisawat utilises these refined natural materials to highlight the aesthetics of Hong Kong’s architectural style. A series of bamboo panels are arranged to create various path directions that also mislead and challenge the explorers. The Bamboo Sky Stairs as well offer spectacular views of the Hong Kong skyline.

Light Box Maze – Touching the heart through dynamic and creative illumination

Designed by Grace Au, creative cultural project curator, Light Box Maze utilises dynamic and colourful lighting effects to generate a truly enchanting vibe. Vibrant and ever-changing light patterns initially dazzle, and ultimately bring us back to the core feeling – “Home is where the heart is.”

Air Maze – Vibrant and eye-catching inflatable installations

The eye-catching Air Maze provides endless excitement for youngsters of all ages. Comprising various obstacles and hidden passages, this maze becomes more and more exciting and entertaining. It’s the ideal spot for families to have fun and let children burn off excess energy.

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