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Who We Know and We Don’t Know

7 April 2022 - 14 May 2022



a.m. space is pleased to present our thematically curated exhibition “Who We Know and We Don’t Know”. Eight artists are invited to present portrait-themed artworks for the show, including artist Chu Hing Wah, Dr Ho Siu Kee, former news anchor and artist Sharon Cheung, Tsai Yi Ting, Jacky Tao, Fanson Lam, Hayson Wong and Mizuki Nishiyama.

“Portrait painting is a way to bring people back often” Francis Bacon once said. In portraiture, the characters in the paintings are often the artist’s friends or people with whom is involved in their life. Nonetheless, whether they are close friends or the artist’s clients, the relationship between the artist and the characters in the paintings reveals a myriad of emotions without concealment in their throbbing of consciousness and unconsciousness. The artist places the characters inside a frame, and their anxiety, sadness, happiness or misfortune, entangled in the artist’s brush, have become a landscape of the mortal world.

Portrait painting is a medium in which the artist expresses their understanding and view of the world through the metaphor of objects, cities and people. It portrays the mysterious and unpredictable human state of mind, bringing the viewer a delightful and fascinating visual enjoyment through a touching emotional narrative. Through minimal visual vocabulary, which is quiet yet deafening, it expects to evoke a universal resonance. Also, the suffocating living environment embraces and borrows from the characters in the paintings, entangling them into an unsolvable mystery.

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