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Tradition in the Future—GAFA Cultural Innovation Design Exhibition

26 January - 29 April



Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) and Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (GAFA) present their debut co-organised “Tradition in the Future—GAFA Cultural Innovation Design Exhibition” until 29 April 2024, showcasing 42 sets of groundbreaking designs and cultural projects from GAFA. These designs demonstrate how emerging designers integrate traditional cultural features with creative designs, as well as their reflections on cultural inheritance and development. The exhibition marks the inaugural close-knit collaboration between the two leading design institutes in the Greater Bay Area following their memorandum of cooperation, which will further deepen and facilitate exchanges of new generations of designers across the regions.

This exhibition showcases outstanding designs from GAFA’s School of Visual Arts Design and the School of Industrial Design in the academy’s thematic ExhibitionInnovative LingNan”. The selected works in the forms of graphic design, product design, animation and IP design, interactive design and digital media art design explore Lingnan culture from a multi-dimensional perspective. Through innovative thinking, these designs manifest the unique cultural features and humanistic spirit of the Greater Bay Area, guiding the audience to delve deeper into tradition, pay close attention to the present and envision the future. The exhibition also features lectures for sharing and discussions on 20 February, where the visitors can have a deeper understanding of the artworks’ narratives.


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