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Tea House Theatre Experience

12 July - 1 September

$300 – $780


From July, the new season of the Tea House Theatre Experience offers a brand-new selection of songs, instrumental musical pieces and performance excerpts.

Presented by our very own Tea House Rising Stars Troupe and curated and directed by legendary Cantonese opera artist Law Ka-ying, the Tea House Theatre Experience is specially designed to introduce new audiences to Cantonese opera – the local form of Chinese opera or xiqu.

The 90-minute showcase selection of songs, instrumental musical pieces and performance excerpts, demonstrates a range of traditional styles through a varying programme of works exploring tales of romance, comedy, tragedy and martial arts. The experience also includes narration by an expert moderator offering insight into the history of the art form.

Highlights of the new season include two romantic excerpts from the signature repertoire of Cantonese opera legend Law Ka-ying – “Rain-soaked Clothes” from A Mirror Seal, and “Love and Struggle” from The Warrior’s Marriage – as well as a rendition of traditional Cantonese operatic singing performed in archaic Mandarin.

To recreate the atmosphere of Hong Kong’s early 20th century tea houses, audiences are served traditional tea and dim sum during the performance – a delicious way to learn about the heritage of Chinese traditional theatre.

However much you know about Chinese opera, culture, history or literature, the Tea House Theatre Experience is a captivating treat for long-time fans and newcomers alike – join us and discover for yourself!

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