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Silent Poetry

3 May - 1 June


This exhibition presents the works of five French artist Rémy Aron, Marc Tanguy, Natalie Miel, Jean‒Baptiste Née, as well as Cang Yuan, who resides in France.

The artist evokes the viewers’ visual experience and emotions through colors and their relationships. The rhythmic interplay of colors becomes a dynamic silent poetry, intensely captivating the viewers’ souls. From Marc Tanguy’s dreamy landscapes, Rémy Aron’s dynamic balance in geometric forms, Natalie Miel’s joyful portrayal of life through decorative narrative, Jean-Baptiste Née’s philosophical depictions of mountains and clouds, to Cang Yuan’s poetic expressions of life through imagery. The exhibition aims to explore how artists describe poetry outwardly and inwardly. We invite you to join us in this pleasant journey filled with romantic French poetry.

Rémy Aron refers to his artistic journey as spatialism. He constantly seeks to establish an internal connection within limited space. Seemingly chaotic geometric forms divide the composition into different dimensions, guiding audience into the maze architecture constructed by light and shadow. This is the poetic art that Rémy Aron pursues.

Natalie Miel’s works are filled with joyfulness. Her paintings are a decorative narrative, where she depicts figurative decorations using flat brushstrokes and juxtaposes them with distant mountains and waters, creating a unique and whimsical poetic space.

Marc Tanguy focuses on portraying the poetic essence of nature. He skillfully imbues his depicted landscapes with romanticism, rendering them mysterious, splendid, and liberated from fixed forms. The result is a near-abstract representation, giving birth to fantastical scenery.

Cang Yuan emerges from nature and pursues a poetic abstract context. Through his paintings, he presents nature transformed by his unique observation. Brilliant colors and blurred contours outline captivating scenes, where time abruptly stops, and everything is burning and freezing at the same time. Through his artwork, he write poems of life itself.

Jean‒Baptiste Née was immersed in the depiction of mountains, rain, and snow. The sceneries he portrayed always exhibited a subtle poetic quality. Under his brush, mountain ranges and clouds take on a unique vitality, imbued with philosophical significance.

Part of the French May Arts Festival 2024

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