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Shigeki Matsuyama: Portrait of Dazzle

3 May - 19 May


Quiet Gallery is pleased to present ‘Portrait of Dazzle’, the  first solo exhibition of the Japanese artist Shigeki  Matsuyama. This exhibition marks his first solo exhibition  in Hong Kong.
Traditional portrait painting was the depiction of human  figures in art. It emphasized the realistic portrayal of facial  features, requiring artists to accurately and vividly depict  the appearance, body shape, expressions, and clothing of  the subjects. However, in the contemporary art world,  portrait painting no longer pursues a combination of form  and spirit as it did in the past. Contemporary artist Shigeki  Matsuyama from Japan has broken with tradition through  his unique artistic style and painting techniques, creating a  distinctive form of “modern portrait painting.”
Since 1998, Matsuyama has worked as a freelance  illustrator, creating illustrations and advertisements for  various products. In 2011, to create works with more  personal concepts, he made the bold decision to leave  behind his 13-year career as an illustrator and began his  journey as an artist. Currently, he not only paints but also  engages in installation art.
For this exhibition, Matsuyama continues to employ his  expertise in dazzling camouflage elements to create a  series of new portrait works. Although the colors in his  works are extremely simple, lacking rich hues and only  featuring contrasting black-and-white stripes and realistic  eyes, these are precisely the distinct characteristics of the  artist’s painting style, making them highly unique.
Matsuyama’s artistic style appears simple and plain, but his  works exude a sense of sophistication on the canvas. Over time, viewers will discover that his works withstand repeated viewing. Although Matsuyama does not portray the full appearance of the subjects, audience can still feel  the impact of his works through the detailed eye depictions  in various portrait paintings. These works may seem  similar, but they are not entirely identical, just like human  beings themselves, having both commonalities and  individuality.
In addition to the paintings, the exhibition also features a  sculpture that embody Matsuyama’s artistic style,  providing the audience with a deeper understanding of  Matsuyama’s worldview from a different perspective.

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