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Shanghai Ballet, A Sigh of Love, Hong Kong Arts Festival 2024

Shanghai Ballet – A Sigh of Love

22 March - 23 March

$150 – $800


Choreographed by acclaimed French choreographer Bertrand d’At (1957-2014), A Sigh of Love is an original modern ballet production by the Shanghai Ballet that tells a melancholic tale of love, passion, longing and regret. Set against the tumultuous backdrop of mid-20th century Shanghai, it revolves around two couples whose struggles with personal desire and familial duty come to a head just as seismic political and societal changes erupt around them, forever altering each character’s trajectory.

With a story written by renowned Chinese dramatist Cao Lusheng, professor at the Shanghai Theatre Academy, this Sino-French coproduction features masterfully creative choreography by Bertrand d’At, who pushed the boundaries of ballet with a seamless blend of classic and modern ballet, traditional folk dance and jazz dance in this groundbreaking collaboration. The juxtaposition of Eastern and Western influences is also represented in the music, which boasts an eclectic range of genres including Chinese folk, jazz, classical and pop hits of the era, further underlining the unique cultural environment of Old Shanghai as a modern melting pot. The costume and stage design, courtesy of French scenographer extraordinaire Jérôme Kaplan, celebrates the local characteristics and the sense of refinement that the city is known for. From the quintessentially Shanghai shikumen architecture and the breathtaking scenery of The Bund to the alluring qipao dresses, everything comes together to recreate the chaotic charm of Old Shanghai with authenticity and nostalgia. The words unsaid, things undone and love unfulfilled are felt with tenderness, nuance and delicate restrain.

A Sigh of Love has garnered countless accolades since its 2006 premiere, including the China Dance Lotus Award, the nation’s most prestigious dance award. This production, to be featured as the grand finale of this year’s Hong Kong Arts Festival, presents an unmissable opportunity for audiences to experience its elegant beauty and wistful romanticism.

22 March 20:00
23 March 19:30

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