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3 April - 29 April


Yrellag Gallery is honoured to present Pyrce Luk’s solo exhibition “MAKE IT TILL YOU FAIL IT!”, comprising a collection of new works including poster prints, mix-media sculptures, and kinetic installation for turning Yrellag Gallery into a Blind Box Shop of “Failed-Eggs”.

“Failing is a form of resistance, with a liberating force.”

The “Failed-Eggs” project was hatched from an egg the artist accidentally misboiled, from which a mesmerizing “egg white flower” oozed out. Searching online for existing communities that appreciate such beauty, the artist was astonished to find none, despite billions of eggs being consumed daily worldwide. All she could find was advice on avoiding this “failure”.

What is often too hastily labelled “failure” from a utilitarian and overly simplistic binary view, might actually signify autonomy or the beginning of a revolution. Transcending their physicality, these “Failed- Eggs” manifest possibilities and alternative ways of being. From this perspective, “failure” is a form of success — Successfully defying societal and internalized external expectations.

This Blind Box Shop celebrates endeavours to fail the “what should be” and embraces the “what could be”. On display is a part of “Failed-Eggs” created since 2021, each of them has violated at least one guideline for boiling a “perfect egg”.


Pyrce Luk earned her Master of Arts in Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2023, after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in marketing. She developed a deep interest in wants and desires when pursuing her writing career in advertising and has forged her conceptual artworks with mixed media, contemplating these notions as well as truths and manifestations of hegemonic power in everyday life.

Recent group exhibitions include the “HK Forward 2023” (2023), “Project Original 2.0” (2023), and “5354 – MAFA Graduate Exhibition” (2023). Pyrce currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

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