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Omacke: Not the Best, Not the Worst (Mamaday Lah)

6 June - 23 June


Young Soy Gallery is proud to present, “Not the Best, Not the Worst” (Mamaday Lah), a solo exhibition featuring the works of OMACKE.

Hailing from Toronto, OMACKE is known for his captivating portraits that seamlessly blend graffiti and painting. Beginning his artistic journey two decades ago with tagging the urban landscapes of Canada, his artistic practice has evolved into a distinctive style characterised by bold faces in vibrant colours.

Through the body of works presented at “Not the Best, Not the Worst” (Mamaday Lah), OMACKE delves into the broader human condition, highlighting the nuanced balance between the ‘best’ and the ‘worst’. Much like the Cantonese phrase, “Mamaday Lah”, the artist, through his diverse body of works, explores the human essence of constantly being in flux, and not pinpointing oneself on either side of the spectrum of being ‘best’ or the ‘worst’.

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