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Novelle Wa: Absolute Norma

3 May 2023 - 16 May 2023



Yrellag Gallery is proud to present “Absolute Normal,” a solo exhibition of photography by Novelle Wa. The exhibition invites viewers to explore the phenomenon of “Absolute Normal” in our mundane lives, reflecting on the absurdity and repetition of our daily routines and how our sense of self can become lost in the process.

Through Wa’s photographs, viewers are invited to witness the daily life of a couple in a long-term relationship, from their typical morning routine to their detached nighttime activities. The series highlights the monotony and detachment that pervades their lives, resulting in an inevitable sense of emotional numbness. The couple is portrayed as being trapped in a repetitive cycle of daily routines, work, and the same familiar faces, almost as if they are watching themselves perform as actors in a play, enacting a script that has been predetermined for them.

In addition, the series portrays a woman who, amidst a group’s laughter and chatter, experiences anxiety and awkwardness, feeling completely out of place. The artwork highlights the inner struggle and anxiety experienced by introverts in a society dominated by extroverts, while also provoking thoughts on the authenticity of social relationships.

Novelle Wa’s photographs offer a thought-provoking reflection on the routines and rituals that shape our daily lives, prompting viewers to consider the ways in which we can break free from the cycle and reclaim our sense of self. We invite you to join us for this captivating exhibition and experience the power of photography to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Novelle Wa is a photographer and a lens-based visual artist. She studied Photography in London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, and holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from the Hong Kong Baptist University. She is passionate about exploring stories and inner worlds that revolve around her life. Using both digital and analogue lenses, she intentionally captures these narratives and on occasion, incorporates other art forms to further express them. Her works usually have clear intentions, with predetermined themes, subjects, and settings, enabling a reinterpretation of these inner experiences. Her recent projects focus on socialization, social repression, and exploration of the inner self. 

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