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Nature: A Perception

8 June - 14 July


Organised by curatorial collective Humble Researchers, “Nature: A Perception”exhibition will take place from 8th June, 2024 until 14th July, 2024 at HART Haus.  Showcasing works by 12 artists including Dony Cheng, Dorothy Cheung, Cheung Tsz Hin, Andrew Kan (AK), Jess Lau, Lin Wing Yan, Ling Pui Sze, Ng Hong Kei, Sharu Sikdar, So Wing Po, Ice Wong and Zheng Bo, the exhibition explores the manifold interpretations of nature, moving beyond conventional reading that speaks to our present.

The opening reception will feature a durational performance Follow the flow and flow into the follow-on (2024) by Ice Wong Kei Suet, where the artist will experience time, metabolism and environment through a mundane activity.

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