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Mimmo Paladino

21 May - 29 June


MASSIMODECARLO is delighted to announce a solo exhibition by the Italian Maestro Mimmo Paladino. This momentous occasion marks Paladino’s return to Asia after his inaugural exhibition at Beijing’s National Gallery of Fine Arts in 1994. Exactly three decades later, Paladino presents a selection of his most recent works at our Hong Kong gallery.

Paladino, a multifaceted artist fascinated by the ancient and the ancestral, finds his muse in what defines Italian culture. Its influence shaped his artistic practice: “I come from an inland culture, a solid culture. Coastal backgrounds are more winding and redundant, full of opposite and different influences. The countryside is rife with legends, cults of the dead, witches and fairies, a sense of the pagan mystery, both religious and spiritual typical of the south.”

Ultimately, Paladino blends tradition and personal recollections, past and present times. His creations hover delicately between abstraction and figuration, drawing inspiration from archaic rituals and alchemical practices, coaxing them to unveil the essence of contemporary existence.

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