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Tso Cheuk Yim, Harrison
Tso Cheuk Yim, Harrison
Chu Lok Ting, Natalie
Chu Lok Ting, Natalie

Memory Has No Return

22 January 2022 - 26 February 2022



After such a long way, memory said she would not return. AM SPACE proudly presents our third duo exhibition of Greenwave: Memory Has No Return by two local artists, Chu Lok Ting, Natalie and Tso Cheuk Yim, Harrison. The exhibition features significant works during their studies, across various traditional Chinese mediums, including ink painting, ink rubbing, seal carving, calligraphy, integrating with installations or context with contemporary insights. Is memory the fuel or the burden of us, or both? Memory escapes and revisits randomly, recalling our wildest dream and lost soul.



CHU Lok Ting, Natalie (b.1999) was born in Hong Kong. She will graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Fine Arts in 2022. Chu expresses herself through ink painting, ink rubbing, installation and sculpture. Her works mostly study humanistic history, monumentality, and the imageries of stelae, and further coordinate with texts and art history research on individual topics. The work Sorrowful Stele (2021) shows her unique technique and control of ink which creates an illusion of stele. Her work has been exhibited at Fine Art Asia, and she has attained awards including Friends of the Art Museum Prize and Culture Corner Art Academy Fine Arts Award.

Tso Cheuk Yim, Harrison (b.1997) was born in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (1st class of honours) in 2019 and Master of Fine Arts in 2021. His works were exhibited in “Ink Asia” and “Celebrating Our 40 years!” by Sothey’s Hong Kong, and winning prizes included Y.S. Hui Fine Arts Award, Alfred S.U. Ho Memorial Prize 2018-19 and more. He specializes himself in seal carving and calligraphy, and is determined to embrace traditional mediums in refreshing ways. His works consist of childhood memories, as well as traces of popular culture which he finds important in the construction of everyday life, creating dialogues with self and the society.

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