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7 January 2023 - 4 February 2023



AISHONANZUKA is pleased to announce the group exhibition “KUROOBIANACONDA 05 SUKIYAKI.”

KUROOBIANACONDA is an artist collective formed in 2019, they are producing scenery created from multifaceted combinations of diverse artists with different genres and themes. This show will be the first Hong Kong exhibition, featuring Hiroki Tsukuda as a guest artist.


Hiroki TsukudaBorn in 1978 in Kagawa, Japan.Hiroki Tsukuda graduated from the Department of Imaging Arts & Sciences at Musashino Art University in 2001. He lives and works in Tokyo. The artist’s drawings and digital collages explore the turbulent, futuristic cityscapes of his imaginings. Created with meticulous detail, these intricate, monochromatic works illustrate collapsed spaces, in which mechanized worlds merge with sci-fi mythos in states of controlled chaos and organic mutation. Similarly, Tsukuda creates installation works out of raw industrial materials, flora, and found objects that transpire directly from the artist’s drawings. He participated in exhibitions including "The Darkest Hour" (solo show, NANZUKA UNDERGROUND, Tokyo, 2022), "They Live" (solo show, Petzel, New York, 2020), "Global Pop Underground" (PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO, 2020), "Monolog in the Doom" (solo show, The Museum of Modern Art Gunma, Japan, 2019), and "PHANTOM PLANE, CYBERPUNK IN THE YEAR OF THE FUTURE" (Tai Kwun, Hong Kong, 2019).

Kazuma KoikeBorn in 1980 and lives in Osaka, Japan.He spent his childhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and attended a high school in Barcelona, Spain. Graduated from the Department of Sculpture, College of Art at Nihon University. He has produced ceramic sculptures, drawings, and paintings with motifs of ancient gods, pots, big cats, plants and pineapples. With the theme of “fictional ancient artefacts”, artworks created by mixing images from different places/periods have a unique floating feeling as if they do not belong anywhere. Koike says his interests are “the state where different elements coexist in harmony” or “the processing that changes the purpose and meaning of things”. He participated in exhibitions including "KOISHI-KEI" (Sokyo Gallery, Kyoto, 2022), "MIKADO2 - My baby collection" (Tezukayama Gallery, Osaka, 2022), "Kuroobianaconda 04 Tempura" (Sokyo Lisbon, Portugal, 2022), "End of Eden" (Galerie Wolfsen, Denmark, 2022), the solo show at the OMURO MUSEUM (Mie, Japan, 2021), and "Cama" (Mitsukoshi Contemporary Gallery, Tokyo, 2021).

Ryuichi OhiraBorn in 1982 in Tokyo, Japan.Ohira uses wood carving as his lead method of working, creating works by taking apart and rebuilding the hidden symbols in society, ancient Japanese faiths and worship. In recent years, Ohira has returned his attention to the original characteristics of this material, producing sculptures that “remain undefined in meaning” motivated by his mindless absorption and unreasonable impulse –both of which can be regarded as primal instincts of human creativity. Now he is represented by the contemporary art gallery NANUZKA UNDERGROUND. He participated in exhibitions including "SYNDROME" (solo show, NANZUKA UNDERGROUND 1F, Tokyo, 2022), "The Yellow Portal" (solo show, 2G Tokyo & 3110NZ, Tokyo, 2021), "CAR BONE DRAGON" (solo show, TSUTAYA - SHOTEN Ginza, Tokyo, 2021), "PINEAPPLE” (solo show, Mitsukoshi Contemporary Gallery, Tokyo, 2020), and "JP POP UNDERGROUND" (Shinsaibashi PARCO 14F, Osaka, 2020).

Shuhei YamadaBorn in 1974 and lives in Kyoto.With a background of nihilism and humor, he creates minimal and conceptual works while developing various forms of work such as photography, video, three-dimensional, and two-dimensional. Many of his works leave the interpretation to the viewer not only in terms of their meaning but also of the context. In 2013, in the curation department of The Armory Show, he was selected as the only Japanese by Eric Shiner, then director of the Andy Warhol Museum (Pittsburgh), and became a hot topic in various media. He participated in exhibitions including "Cama/ projecting OW Shuhei Yamada, Kazuma Koike" (MITSUKOSHI CONTEMPORARY GALLERY, Tokyo, 2021), "untitled yet" (solo show, Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London, 2019), "WISH KISS LOVE HOPE" (solo show, AISHONANZUKA, Hong Kong, 2017), "Other Ways" (Enokojima FLAG STUDIO, Osaka, 2017), "Unclear nuclear" (URANO, Tokyo, 2016), "Resonance" (Sao La Gallery, Ho Chi Minh, 2014), and the solo show at The Armory Show (69th Regiment Armory, New York, 2013).

Taku ObataBorn in 1980 in Saitama, Japan.The work of Taku Obata revolves around the body in motion, notably in breakdance. Deeply connected to B-Boy culture in Japan, Obata captures, exaggerates, and deforms the human body in dancing movement, emphasizing the bodies’ shapes, poses, and physiques, while eliminating the emotional or inner elements of the figures. His persistent interest in the body is also reflected in the medium he chooses — wood sculpture. By linking this physically demanding and time-consuming Japanese traditional technique with the modernity of his subject that emanates from vibrant hip-hop culture, Obata embodies a dynamic decomposition of body and movement within a broader cultural context. He participated in exhibitions including "ART AND SNEAKERS" (solo show, A+S, Tokyo, 2022), "B-BOY REVENGE 2022" (solo show, PARCEL, Tokyo,2022), "Move the volume" (solo show, 3110NZ by LDH kitchen, Tokyo, 2022), "TAKU OBATA SCULPTURE" (solo show, Japan House London, 2020), "HYPER LANDSCAPE" (Watarium, Tokyo, 2018), "sculpture // New Generation series2 Vol3 Taku Obata Exhibition" (solo show, Nihonbashi Takashimaya Gallery X, Tokyo, 2016), "NEW VISION SAITAMA 5 - The Emerging Body" The Museum of Modern Art Saitama, Japan, 2016), and "BUST A MOVE" (solo show, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York, 2014).

Toru IshiiBorn in 1981 in Shizuoka, Japan.Toru Ishii studied the techniques and history of the 'yuzenzome' dyeing technique tradition and graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts in dyeing and weaving. Toru depicts today's social problems such as the miserable lives of salarymen, the aftermath of natural disasters, and disposed cardboard boxes on the street in his unique pop art style, using the traditional 'yuzenzome'. The subtle texture of the silk is emphasized by the extreme vividness of colours and daring humorous compositions introducing pop elements different from traditional patterns, rendering a captivating and overwhelming presence. He participated in exhibitions including the solo show at FITZROVIA Gallery (London, 2018), the solo show at Sokyo Gallery (Kyoto, 2018), "LIGHT SGRAFFITO" (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 2017), "IMAYO" (The Shoto Art Museum, Tokyo and Honolulu Museum of Art, 2016), "Metropolitan Moment" (solo show, Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation, London, 2016), "KIZASHI" (POLA MUSEUM ANNEX, Tokyo, 2014), "EDO POP" (Japan Society Gallery, New York, 2013), and "Weird World" (ISE Cultural Foundation Gallery, New York, 2013).

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