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19 February 2022 - 19 March 2022



AISHONANZUKA is please to announce a group exhibition “INTERSECTION” to introduce three artists who make sculptures using different materials (wood, ceramic, paper) in different regions (USA, Spain, Japan).

Julio Anaya Cabanding

Julio Anaya is a graduate of Fine Arts from the Univeristy of Malaga, 2018. His art reinterprets the works of the great classical masters by painting on discarded and deteriorated cardboard, collected from abandoned places and rehabilitated in his studio in order to give them a new identity in a different context. The contrast of this results in the decontextualization of those rigid structures established within the art world. In successfully painting great works on discarded cardboard, Julio calls into question what it is that we truly value in art

Ryan Schneider

Works and lived in Joshua Tree in CA, Schneider an oil painter from a young age, he has over time shifted his artistic focus to creating sculptures primarily out of wood using chainsaws, chisels, paint and other tools to create distinct works. Schneider spent 14 years living and working in New York City before relocating to Joshua Tree, California in 2015. Deeply inspired by the various natural elements and lifeforms that he intimately encounters daily at his open-air studio, Schneider relies on simplicity in his work and employs the foundational tools of his painting practice in his approach to sculptural forms. Schneider has found success in his personal and creative conquests by freeing himself of society’s pressures to be excellent and letting the universe run its course. In his work, the artist has come to master a perfect balance between manipulating the material and letting it shape its own destiny.

Kazuma Koike

Born in 1980 and lives in Osaka, Japan. He spent his childhood in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and attended a high school in Barcelona, Spain. Graduated from the Department of Sculpture, College of Art at Nihon University. He has produced ceramic sculptures, drawings, and paintings with motifs of ancient gods, pots, big cats, plants and pineapples. With the theme of “fictional ancient artifacts”, artworks created by mixing images from different places/periods have a unique floating feeling as if they do not belong to anywhere. Koike says his interests are “the state where different elements coexist in harmony” or “the processing that changes the purpose and meaning of things”.


19 February 2022
19 March 2022
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