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Imagined States Chapter 1: Extrinsicality

16 November 2023 - 17 January 2024



This November, WOAW Gallery is pleased to present a series of exhibitions, along with an academic panel discussion, on the visual exploration of cultural self- identification. At various gallery locations throughout Hong Kong from November 16, 2023 to January 17, 2024, the exhibition series “Imagined States” showcases over 20 recent paintings of 12 acclaimed international artists, offering a thought-provoking journey through two distinct chapters: Chapter 1 – “Extrinsicality” and Chapter 2 – “Intrinsicality”. As a culmination of this exciting event, an engaging academic panel discussion will be held delving into the intricate themes and concepts behind the artwork.

Taking place at the gallery spaces in Wan Chai and Central, the exhibition series “Imagined States” showcases the artistic process of empowering metaphors through which humanity constructs and locates itself within realms, places, and territories of the mind. In the realm of art, artists do not seek to depict accuracy, but to present a version of the truth based on their unique visualization of the world. They change their surroundings through various mediums, palettes, and techniques, as they seek to express their truth by engaging with our senses, our memories, and our emotions. Through their works, each artist illustrates what exists beyond words as they unfold their personal truth before our very eyes, inviting us to reexamine our own truths.

“Imagined States”: Chapter 1 – “Extrinsicality”

Titled “Extrinsicality”, referring to something that exists externally from someone or something, the first chapter of the exhibition series will commence at WOAW Gallery Wan Chai. From November 16, 2023 to January 17, 2024, the exhibition breaks down our fundamental perception of reality through visual distortion. Each artist employs a variety of artistic techniques, from trompe l’oeil to calligraphic marks, from airbrushing to displaced cultural iconography, as they challenge our understanding of our surroundings. Their works encourage us not to simply accept things at first glance, and prompts us to consider the endless possibilities of the universe.

Artists featured in “Extrinsicality” include American artist Lauren Hussey, whose multidimensional compositions are filled with an array of illegible text, scribbled calligraphic marks, and sporadic ink blots to offer viewers a riveting visual experience. Her dynamic patterns engage with our innate desire to make sense of our surroundings as she challenges our subconscious understanding of the visual lexicon. Another artist participating in “Extrinsicality” is Chinese-Canadian artist Peter Chan. Showcasing his new series ‘Magic Windows’, Chan presents a surrealistic study of the illusory nature of media, aiming to highlight its role in the shaping of cultural identities. His striking blue, green, and purple framed screens explore the formation of social mentalities by dissecting the role of perception within social and visual culture.


16 November 2023
17 January
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