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Humchuk: Why no Hug

14 March - 31 March



Young Soy Gallery is proud to present Why No Hug?, a solo exhibition featuring the latest body of works by the Hong Kong artist, Humchuk (Ricky Luk).  

Having abandoned a career in architecture 10 years ago, Luk embarked on a journey to capture the intricacies of the human experience by translating everyday dialogues into his minimalistic expressions.

The series, Why no Hug?” is Luks response to the challenges we encounter in our evolving identities in the midst of a chaotic time when wars and conflicts are prevalent. To him, these struggles though can be encapsulated in mere words, the emotional impact they have on us defy easy descriptions. Manifested in the lines and monochromatic palette employed in Luks works, he delves into the recesses of our hearts, posing us the question — “If everything could be made simpler through a hug, why dont we try to reshape our world with a simple hug?” 

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