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Huang Shiang: I Still Hope You Like It

23 February - 10 March



Quiet Gallery is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the first solo exhibition in Hong Kong for emerging artist Huang Shiang, who is currently based in Taichung city, from 23/2 to 10/3. The exhibition, titled “I Still Hope You Like it,” will showcase Huang Shiang’s latest artworks and take viewers on an imaginative and emotional journey through art.

Having had a passion for painting since childhood, Huang Shiang is not only the artistic director of the “MindSlow Workroom” but has also been active in the Taiwanese art scene as an artist since 2023. Huang Shiang’s creations revolve around the concept of “Lady with Bird,” inspired by her love for birds. With several birds kept as pets at home, she frequently observes their personalities and ever-changing appearances in her daily life. The process of interacting with them has deeply fascinated her with these creatures. This exhibition will present her latest series of works, exploring the relationships between humans and nature, as well as between people themselves, through various mediums such as painting and ceramics. Audiences will have the opportunity to appreciate her unique artistic style and meticulous attention to detail.

The theme of the exhibition, “I Still Hope You Like it,” reflects the artist’s expectations and hopes for the viewers. Huang Shiang expresses her initial intention in creating art as hoping to inspire the audience and establish a resonance between them and her works, projecting their own emotions and stories onto her art. Even if viewers have different preferences, she still hopes to bring them a wonderful experience and sensation.


23 February
10 March
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