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Frogking Carnival 2024

16 March - 19 May


Frog Carnival 2024 is a participatory ink installation that invites the public to connect with the artwork and each other. In his iconic style combining ink art, calligraphy and oil painting, Frog King Kwok conjures a series of colourful works on fabric and other materials, welcoming the audience to a vibrant and creative celebration.

Marked by the recurring frog motif, Kwok’s creations are infused with his artistic concepts and life philosophies of ‘Frogtopia’ – including ‘Art is Frog’, ‘Art is Life, Life is Art’ and ‘Yum Dimension’ (meaning ‘any dimension’) – encouraging the creation of art in any form, volume, medium, and dimension. At the exhibition’s opening, Kwok will host ‘Frog Carnival Frog Fun Lum 2024’ at his installation in The Hall of The Mills, where the public can interact with his art using recycled materials and immerse themselves in the artist’s blissful, whimsical and boundless realm of creativity.


Kwok Mang Ho, also known as Frog King, is a first-generation performance artist in Hong Kong. His work encompasses performance art, happening, installation, collage, ink art, sculpture and more. He incorporates ink painting as both action and material into multimedia participatory practices.

Kwok received training in ink painting and calligraphy from Lui Shou Kwan, a master of the New Ink Painting movement, and spent 15 years in New York during his early artistic career. He has exhibited and performed in over 4,000 exhibitions and events worldwide and represented Hong Kong at the 54th Venice Biennale in 2011. He was also awarded the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Emeritus Fellowship in 1998 and the Yomoma Arts Group Award for Best Community Arts Services by City Hall New York in 1987. His works are collected by international institutions and documented in the Kwok Mangho Frog King Archive of Asia Art Archive.

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