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Freespace Weekly Gigs May 2024

3 May - 31 May


Join us at Lau Bak Livehouse every Friday and Saturday night to wind down and relax with live music, drinks and food. Our weekly gigs showcase musicians from all walks of Hong Kong’s diverse music scene – jazz, rock, city folk, classical, electronica, experimental and more.

Drop in for the music, craft beer and tasty meals or order takeaway and enjoy the music al fresco as you picnic on the grass.

Live music starts at 8:15pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Please contact Lau Bak Livehouse to reserve a table.

3 May 2024 (Friday)


·      Ted x Eugene Group w/ Sylvain Gagnon & Samuel Chan  (Ted Lo – Piano; Eugene Pao – Guitar; Sylvain Gagnon – Double Bass; Samuel Chan – Drums)

4 May 2024 (Saturday)


·       CODE

·       Loisey x Linus Fung

10 May 2024 (Friday)


·       Antonio Fusco Trio (Antonio Fusco – Drums; Ferdinando Romano – Upright Bass; Manuel Magrini – Piano)

11 May 2024 (Saturday)


·       Team KASA

·       Jimmy & Friends

17 May 2024 (Friday)


·       Murphy and The Lawyers

18 May 2024 (Saturday)


·       Lowa Quintet

·       before the night ends

24 May 2024 (Friday)


·       Brian Cheung Quartet

25 May 2024 (Saturday)


·       CHOR and the ZZZ band (CHOR – vocal/ guitar; Edward Chiu – bass; Hugo Fu – guitar; Viki Chan – backing vocal; Daisy Poon – backing vocal/ keyboard; Pie Wong – drums;  ⁠Kalung Ko – program)

·       Claudia Koh

31 May 2024 (Friday)


·      Nelson Fung and The Water
Brian Cheung – Saxophone; Timonthy Wan – Saxophone; Dean Li– Drums; Nelson Fung – Double Bass)

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