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Feminine Visions of Iran

30 May 2023 - 30 July 2023



Today, the Iranian contemporary art scene is rich and diverse; and over the past few decades has become one of the most interesting emerging art scenes in the region. Immediately after 1979 art inside Iran was mostly limited to calligraphy, still-life drawing and graphic- design themes of revolution and war. However, very quickly thereafter, the art scene slowly embraced abstraction as the dominant aesthetic voice. More recently, there is greater focus on diverse formats and new media; reflecting socio-economic topics that raise awareness of more pressing issues, of environmental protection, gender equality, economic growth and political reform.

Iranian artistic traditions enjoy global recognition; with more art forms both traditional and contemporary widely collected by museums and institutions, but there has been very little attention to the Iranian contemporary art scene in HK.

Following the success of “Calligraphic Art: Interaction Between Hong Kong and Iranian Artists” (2023) at the Hong Kong Central Library Exhibition Center, co-curated by Yas Mostashari Chang and Wucius Wong, Yas Art Space and Pékin Fine Art are collaborating to bring a series of exhibitions featuring Iranian artists to Hong Kong.

The current exhibition, “Visions of Iran” consists of eleven paintings and works on paper by young female Iranian artists living and working in Iran, whose practices are linked by common themes of landscape both natural and architectural. Well-known and working full-time as artists in their own country, this group of emerging women artists are débuting in Hong Kong, to new audiences, showcasing the dynamic creativity of today’s Iran.

For further information: info@pekinfinearts.com or yass@mostashari.co.uk

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