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Diggity Douglas: Protanopia Blues

14 May - 16 June


Wyndham Social gladly presents Protanopia Blues, a solo exhibition by British-Spanish artist Diggity Douglas.

An ongoing experiment and exploration of the subconscious influence on creativity, Diggity Douglas’s latest series, Protanopia Blues, showcases his imaginative use of visions and symbols while paying homage to his Spanish Surrealistic roots. This collection delves into intense subject matters such as substance abuse and the struggles of a painter with acute colour blindness. The deconstructed figures serve as a gateway into the artist’s introspection, captivating viewers and inspiring their own self-reflection.


Diggity Douglas is a Spanish fine artist based in Hong Kong. His fascination with the subconscious influences his approach towards his craft. Inspired by Dali's psychoanalytic studies of dream symbolism and Picasso's reconstruction of perspectives in portraiture, he wields personalised objects to create distorted humanoid figures. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art at the Arts University Bournemouth in 2016. His first solo exhibition at Chez Trente in Hong Kong provided him the footing to establish himself as an emerging artist, with his “Ice Cream” series. Douglas has recently experimented with mural work, creating homages to the late MF DOOM and Tupac Shakur for the Dead Poets bar in Hong Kong.


14 May
16 June
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Wyndham Social

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