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Birdcage Making and Floral Design Workshop

13 September 2021 - 8:00 am - 5:00 pm



Our workshop is based on a local crafts exhibition “Classic Craft, Modern Meaning” that CeeKayEllo (CKL) organised and curated from April to June 2020. It was a collaboration between Hong Kong contemporary artists with the last birdcage master in Hong Kong.

We invited GoHung, a local artist who has learnt the precious birdcage-making skills from the birdcage master, to transform such treasured skills to the general public. He has transformed this unique birdcage-making element into a handmade bamboo photo frame that can easily assemble.

Julia from Kew Garden Flowers, a local floral designer, will also teach our participants on how to use modern floral arrangement to decorate the photo frame and turn it into a decorative and functional art piece!

Through the 3-hours workshop, our artists could help you in realising your thoughts into drawings, and also offer you new insights into our traditional crafts!

Rundown of birdcage photo/art frame workshop

1/ Introduction of birdcage making (with video documentary)
2/ Introduction of 1 to 2 artworks in the exhibition
3/ A walkthrough on the design and making process
4/ Introduction of floral design
5/ Drafting
6/ Making

Total duration: 2,5 – 3hours
Participants: 10 pax (For 12 years old or above only)

*100% of our proceeds are used to fund our pro-bono community workshops and the inaugural HKCRAFTS Festival in 2023.

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