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As If Snowing

12 July - 21 July


Amid a vast rice field where rice spikes flutter and soil whirls with the wind, one witnesses the confluence of time, garnered the fruit over the years, and listen to the nuances of sound.

Qiao Yang, following her autobiographical solo dance Almost 55, has accumulated nutrients and once again scatter creative seeds this season. Resident Choreographer Sang Jijia endows the work with his unique choreographic vision that has been tempered by trials and tribulations. Guest dancers Luo Fan and Kelvin Mak join Qiao Yang to traverse life’s yields on stage. Leaning against the door listening quietly, and imagining the future.

Inaudible rain falls on all things on earth. Does the 0.1Hz translate into silence or a clatter? Are they murmurs or roars? It all depends on who is listening.

12.7.2024 [Fri] 8pm
13.7.2024 [Sat] 8pm
14.7.2024 [Sun] 3pm
19.7.2024 [Fri] 8pm
20.7.2024 [Sat] 8pm
21.7.2024 [Sun] 3pm

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