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Artecal Charitable Exhibition: The Present

13 June - 22 June



Welcome to “The Present”, an exhibition that invites viewers to engage with the immediacy of our current moment through the diverse perspectives of international and local emerging contemporary artists. In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, global interconnectedness, and unprecedented challenges, “The Present” explores the multifaceted experiences that define our time.

The artworks selected for this exhibition reflect the complexities and nuances of living in the present. They navigate themes of identity , technology , environment, and social change, offering both intimate and expansive views of contemporary life. Each piece serves as a testament to the artists’ engagement with the world around them, capturing moments of beauty, tension, and transformation.

As you move through the exhibition, you will encounter a range of media, including painting, sculpture, digital art, and installations. These works not only represent the physical and conceptual landscapes of our time but also challenge us to reconsider our place within them. The immediacy of the present moment is juxtaposed with the enduring impact of our actions and choices, prompting reflection on the temporal and the timeless.

“The Present” aims to create a dialogue between the artwork and the viewer, and between the artists, encouraging an active engagement with the here and now. It is a space where past and future converge, reminding us that the present is a continual process of becoming. Through this exhibition, we hope to foster a deeper understanding of the diverse realities that shape our world and inspire a collective contemplation of what it means to live in the present.

This exhibition promises to be a major event in the Hong Kong art scene, inviting viewers to engage with the immediacy of our current moment through the diverse perspectives of international and local emerging contemporary artists. The exhibition will feature a wide range of local and international artworks, providing visitors with a unique and immersive experience.

Leading participating galleries include: Contemporary by Angela Li, gdm, JPS Gallery, L+/Lucie Chang Fine Arts, Ross + Kramer, SPURS Gallery and theStroll Gallery.

The exhibition includes around 60 artworks by over 30 artists, including: Ashlee Ip, Carina Hardy & Tavish Gallagher, Chan King Long, Ken, Chan Sim, Cynthia Mak, Deng Xiao, Duri Baek, Elaine Chiu, En Iwamura, Fatina Kong, Halley Cheng, Hu Shunxiang, Jiyong Jeong, Kan Kiu Sin, Tobe, Lau Siu Chun, Lee Na, Leung Po Ying, Agnes, Leung Siu Fung, Hugh, Linda So, Ma Yujiang, Marcela Florido, Mitsuki Naka, Mizuki Nishiyama, PEEP, Tan Tian, Virginia Tam, Wong Man Kit, Jake, Wong Mei Yin, Hazel, Wong Sze Chung, Felix, Yeh Jen-Kun, Yu Xiao, Yuyu Zhitong, and Zoie Lam.

Majority of the sale proceeds will be for the artist/gallery and to the Hong Kong Art School to foster the development of local art.

Guided tours will be available for various partners and organisations to enhance the experience and knowledge of local art to the general public.


13 June
22 June
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