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4 May - 19 May


The exhibition is an investigative dive into the deep waters of memory and identity.

From ink painting to giant textile sculptures, chaussette b. shares the results of her investigation into episodic memory. Why do we remember some life events and forget others? How does the collection of our past moments shape who we are?

During the hour–long guided tour, chaussette b. takes viewers on an intimate journey through her studio, intertwining the paths of poetry, philosophy, science, and art.

Part of the French May Arts Festival 2024

Exact location send after booking 10 min walk from the pier.

For booking : chaussettebstudio@gmail.com


chaussette b. is a pseudonym of a Hong Kong based visual artist.

Born in France, she worked professionally in the fashion industry in Paris and Hong Kong for 15 years before deciding to develop a solo creative practice.

Her -what she has termed- paintography process is a method that evolved out of her joy of editing photographs and the power to make new stories emerge by adding and combining elements taken from the material world.

She has now moved from paintograpy into multi-disciplinary mixed-media work and sculpture - still sourcing and reusing materials she finds around her.

Her art is personal, inter-weaving meaning and stories with the deeper goal of learning, sharing and healing at the heart of it.

chaussette b. had solo and group exhibitions in Hong Kong and Taiwan and been selected to show work at Le French May, Inter-island Festival, Cheung Chau Wave and Art Taipei.

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