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Acrobatic Lifting Workshop

13 May - 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Challenge yourself to lift and fly!

Compagnie XY is firmly rooted in the collective practice of acrobatics and lifts. This is why they organise workshops based on physical exercise, focusing on the development of  body awareness, self-confidence and trust in others, daring to let go, learning to let someone else take your weight, and, conversely, learning to receive and take responsibility from someone else.

In this workshop, the artists will teach participants how to perform acrobatic lifts. Through numerous games and exercises, the artists and participants will together learn more about bodies, their strengths, and limitations. By exploring expanding your body awareness with acrobatics you will learn more about your own personal capabilities and how pooling collective strengths through lifts can take us to greater heights.

  • Suitable for ages 14 and above.
  • Runtime is approximately 1 hour.
  • Conducted in English.
  • Quota is 24 participants.
  • Open to all fitness levels. No prior acrobatic or circus experience required.
  • Participants must wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that allows for a wide range of movement, tie back long hair, and remove all jewellery during the workshop.


For 17 years, Compagnie XY has been investigating and exploring the language of acrobatics through the practice of lifts. While relying on the fundamentals of this circus technique, this collective of artists uses play to put the codes, rhythms, and forms of acrobatics back into the very heart of the artistic gesture.

To multiply creative possibilities and enlarge its field of research, the company works in large numbers. This choice reflects the company's aim to question the concepts of 'mass', 'audience', and their interactions in the same time and space. It also questions the relationship of an individual to a group or within a given social setting.

Through this approach, Compagnie XY has chosen to be a true collective, sharing the expertise and ideas of each individual by adopting a collegial creative process. This constant desire to be part of a process of transmission and sharing in a non-hierarchical framework strongly impacts daily work and is a direct component of the artistic forms produced. In this spirit, the team has chosen to turn towards the public through the collective creation of large-scale forms for theatres, public spaces or any places that allow frontal or circular performances.

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