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A Journey with LOUIS XIII: the Legacy Cognac Experience

4 May - 20 June


Embark on a unique sensory odyssey as Parfumerie Trésor invites you to experience the Legacy Cognac – LOUIS XIII. Join our interactive tasting workshop conducted by the esteemed Brand Ambassador of LOUIS XIII.

Explore this renowned cognac and discover the epitome of LOUIS XIII’s craftsmanship, sourced from the prestigious terroir of Grande Champagne, the Cognac region’s first cru. Immerse yourself in ‘THE DROP,’ an ode to spontaneity that encapsulates LOUIS XIII’s exceptional blend, comprised of up to 1200 distinct eaux-de-vie dating back to 1874.

Enhance your understanding of this exquisite cognac during an intimate masterclass featuring tastings, allowing you to delve deeper into the world of cognac.

Dates and Time of Workshop

Cantonese Session

4 (Sat, 3:00 pm), 18 (Sat, 3:00 pm) May,

8 (Sat, 3:00 pm), 20 (Thu, 6:00 pm) June

English Session

8 (Wed, 6:00 pm) May

Part of the French May Arts Festival 2024

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