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A Glimpse of Tang Prosperity from Murals

3 December 2021 - 27 February 2022


The Indra and Harry Banga Gallery of the City University of Hong Kong (“CityU”) will present the new exhibition “A Glimpse of Tang Prosperity from Murals” from December 3rd, 2021, to February 27th, 2022.

“A Glimpse of Tang Prosperity from Murals” is a large-scale exhibition, jointly organised by the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, the National Cultural Heritage Administration, the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Heritage Administration, and the Hong Kong Rosamond Foundation.

Prior to coming to Hong Kong, the exhibition was very well received in Taiwan and Macau. Now the 42 mural paintings, discovered at the tomb of Prince Zhanghuai and Princess Yongtai, along with imperial and secondary tombs, can be seen in Hong Kong, where they are recombined for the first time, using digital technologies and light projection. The full splendor of the imperial tomb passageways, a series of 18-metre-long tomb walls decorated with mural paintings, are now projected within a recreated tunnel, accompanied by soundscape. In adjoining rooms the three main themes of the murals are explored: Etiquette and Ceremonies, Hunting and Leisure, and Court Life. Other surviving ancient Chinese murals are from Buddhist caves and shrines, depicting religious subject matter. In contrast, the Tang tomb murals in this exhibition are distinctive for their secular and multifaceted subject matter, allowing us a glimpse of Tang political, social, and cultural life.

The exhibition also presents three animation areas, whose themes focus on architecture, polo, ladies of the court, musicians, and dancers, offering a view of court life in the Tang capital of Chang’an. There the viewer can admire the robust optimism of Tang society, the magnificent palace architecture, and the vibrancy of its intercultural exchanges.

In conjunction with the mural exhibition, the Gallery will exhibit objects of high level of sophistication of Tang arts and crafts.

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