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Wensen Qi (Vincent Cazeneuve): Retrospective

13 May 2022 - 30 June 2022



Sin Sin Fine Art proudly presents “Retrospective (2012-2022)” associated with French May, a solo exhibition of the French Artist Vincent Cazeneuve, also known as Wensen Qi. This exhibition features Wensen’s work across the ten years since he had his first solo exhibition “Poetic Layers” with Sin Sin Fine Art in 2012.

Wensen Qi moved to Chongqing (Toulouse’s twin town) in 2007 where he explored further in his connection with lacquer and acquired his Chinese name Wensen Qi. Over the years of expedition, lacquer still acts like a strong magnet to him, leading to his devotion on this form of art.

Mixing modern Western elements into ancient Chinese lacquer techniques which create a spark between expression of mediums, Wensen has been exploring the infinite possibilities of perseverance of traditions in contemporary times. Deeply touched by the aesthetics of the nature, he has also further explored the integration of lacquer with lithography, engraving, relief piling, mosaic collage and incrustations.

Wensen’s fortitude and patience does not only create the eternity in his lacquer works, instead, it also manifests the common vision of Sin Sin Man and Wensen. Expecting to emerge and bloom in their paths.


Sin Sin Fine Art is the first and main force in Hong Kong to bring Indonesian artworks to this city and open new windows for them to the international art scene. Sin Sin Fine Art focuses on contemporary art from all over the world that is spiritual and inspiring. The gallery cultivates a collection of works by selected international artists.

Sin Sin Man considers herself a risk taker, in a sense that her selection of artists is based not on their market value but on their genuine visions and talents - no matter where they come from. This approach proved to be fruitful with many of the artists that later received recognition abroad.


13 May 2022
30 June 2022
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